Unstuck Your Life

Live a life of health, wealth & happiness

Want to get off the hamster wheel & stop spinning in circles?
I’ve got you!

Sometimes overwhelm can lead us to become immobilized and stuck although we really want to make a change. No matter how hard we try, we don’t know where to start and so we stay where we are: in a situation of frustration, stress, unhappiness and even desperation.

What if you could become unstuck, overcome overwhelm and immobilization, achieve breakthroughs, tap into your higher self and finally move forward into a life of health, fulfillment, joy & happiness

It’s all possible if you start believing in yourself and your abilities to transform your life. And you don’t need to do it alone, I’m here to guide and support you all the way. I’ve been right where you are before and through personal development, grit, an open-mind, discipline and determination, I’ve been able to turn things around. And I’m here to help you do exactly the same.

What My Clients Have to Say

"I contacted Frauke with the goal of doing long-term deep inner work because I felt like I needed to open many difficult issues from my past and present. I decided to work with her because she communicates everything in a very human, kind and caring way and this is the kind of coach that I had been looking for. Through her coaching, I finally took action towards changing my life's direction and now I am living a completely different, better life which I am very grateful for. I'm very grateful for the day I started working with Frauke and I would recommend her coaching to absolutely everybody. It is just amazing!"
Andrea Kanyitur
Coaching Client
"During the coaching sessions Frauke manages to create a special space where it feels comfortable and safe to think, to speak, to learn about oneself. She has the skill to help you dig deep and find perspectives and solutions that you didn't know were there. Frauke makes me think and every session with her brought new insights and helped me reach the solutions I needed. Working with Frauke is a fulfilling experience for me and I am very grateful for her patience, professionalism and amazing coaching!!!"
Luminita Pascanu
Coaching Client

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