About Me

At the age of 19 I started my biggest adventure yet: I moved abroad to follow my dream of studying in the US (I am originally from Luxembourg). Away from family, friends, the familiar culture, and everything I had known until then, I had to basically start a new life. Of course it wasn’t always easy and I had to step way outside of my comfort zone many times, but soon I realized that I had made the right decision. I started feeling really comfortable and lived and loved this experience with all of its ups and downs. The world I got to explore was so different from the one I was used to. It was filled with open-minded and kind people and displayed an inspiring diversity and acceptance. It was free of judgment and it offered a culture that made everything possible. After completing college, I moved to several big US cities which each time required me to start building up my social and professional lives from the ground. All of these experiences had one thing in common: I always met new and wonderful people from whom I could learn so much, and at the same time to whom I could pass on some knowledge as well.

My journey then led me to a 2-year Masters program in Positive Organizational Psychology. I had the privilege to study alongside one of the founding fathers of Positive Psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and learn about the newest discoveries and findings from the leading scientists of the field. Inspired by this positive perspective that focuses on strengths, abundance, possibilities to excel, untapped potential, growth, and the art of happiness, I was ready to take all of my knowledge and skills into my professional life. I was looking forward to an harmonious, fulfilled, and motivated working environment. What I experienced in reality was like a punch in my face. I was surrounded by unhappy, unmotivated, bored, and complaining colleagues. I very quickly realized that this is the reality in many companies. I also realized something else: You’re not going to endure this for very long. Although I was being proactive, I still felt insufficiently challenged, bored, and undervalued. I had so much energy and zest and wanted to make the world a better place. Within a few months I suddenly started to realize that I had also slowly turned into one of those employees who had lost all motivation and proactivity, and only completed the tasks they were told to do. I had stopped putting my heart into my work. In that moment when I had come to this realization, I made a decision: this was not how I wanted to spend my valuable and limited time on this planet! This couldn’t be all life had to offer. So I quit my job. And because I needed some time to think and figure out what my next steps were going to be I moved back to Luxembourg after 7.5 years abroad in the US.

After landing a job that I thought was my absolute dream job, reality caught up with me again and I had a similar experience to the one in my previous job. This and many other reasons led me to feel desperate and I fell into a depression. So for the sake of my own health and integrity I also quit this job after a relatively short period of time. My spirit was broken and deeply hurt. My future was unclear. Thanks to my insatiable thirst for knowledge, and my desire to learn new skills and experience new things, I had already started coaching and hypnosis training a while back. I had also started dedicating some time to my own personal development and growth through a number of seminars. Inspired by the support and energy of the people I met at these events, I made the decision to become self-employed. I wanted to use my skills to help others live a more fulfilled, happier and more liberated life. Ever since I support people on their path of positive change and help them grow to reach their full potential.