“Frauke has hosted me for a horse assisted coaching session following our radio recording on Let's Be Friends Special on Radio ARA during which we talked about the benefits of equine assisted coaching and what horses can teach us about personal growth. I was really eager to try it myself. First of all the place was so peaceful, serene and surrounded by nature. Frauke was so kind and friendly and had so much passion for her horses, it showed from the very first minute. My interaction with the horses was nothing but magical! I never imagined that they will mirror my behaviour that well and will help me realize my limiting beliefs just by connecting with them. Frauke was observing all the time and asking very little questions and to my amazement she was able to tell me, without me mentioning it, exactly how I usually communicate with people and she interpreted with so much clarity and precision the message conveyed to me through the horse I was working with. I'm so grateful to Frauke and her beautiful horse for this life changing realization. It was an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to return!”
Cherine Makram
Coaching Client
"After "classic" life coaching last year, I tried Horse-assisted Coaching today. Frauke helped me to find out that I was more tense than I thought. I am used to horses but nevertheless I was astonished how compassionate and understanding horses are. The horse helped me to relax and let me cuddle him. So, during the coaching I learned to keep my stress at a distance and to be more open to my feelings. I highly recommend Horse-assisted Coaching with Frauke, it is truly an amazing experience."
Jennifer Ecker
Coaching Client
"Frauke was amazing in helping me to open up and see my best areas for development. Her coaching helped me to build the self-awareness necessary to progress forward with my career. Her technique was also very engaging and fun to take part in."
Mona Farid-Nejad
Coaching Client
"During the coaching sessions Frauke manages to create a special space where it feels comfortable and safe to think, to speak, to learn about oneself. She has the skill to help you dig deep and find perspectives and solutions that you didn't know were there. Frauke makes me think and every session with her brought new insights and helped me reach the solutions I needed. Working with Frauke is a fulfilling experience for me and I am very grateful for her patience, professionalism and amazing coaching!!!"
Luminita Pascanu
Coaching Client

Astrid von der Osten - Coaching Client (in German)