Online Coaching

Although I love to partner with the horses when working with clients, it might not be the kind of coaching that speaks to everyone. Maybe you feel more comfortable 1:1 without the horses, or maybe you are not local, but would still like to benefit from the wisdom of the horses. All this is possible through online coaching. Of course, if you are local, we can still work together in person without the horses as well. 

And thanks to modern technology, there are multiple options for us to work together:

  • online via Zoom or Skype (horse-assisted possible)
  • via phone
  • in person face-to-face at my practice in Luxembourg

Which option you choose is up to you and your individual preference. Don’t forget that I always offer a free 30-minute Clarity Call/Meeting for us to get to know each other and decide whether we would like to form a work relationship. This can also be done online, via phone, or in person.