The Lifesaver Package

Who should pick this package:

This package is for women who want to get a glimpse into what is possible with coaching and who cannot bear being stuck in their current situation any longer.

What results can I expect:

This 3 month package is designed to give you enough time to start the journey of exploring different topics and to already implement small changes that will leave you more positive, less frustrated, less tired, and more energized so that you’re able to enjoy life again. We will be able to come up with an action plan of small steps you can take to better your life over time. Every positive little change you make will put you closer to the life you’re dreaming of.

What is included in this package:


  • 6 bi-weekly 60 min sessions

  • 1:1 coaching (in person, via phone, or Skype)

  • Bi-weekly accountability

  • 3 months of coaching and support