The Life Crafter Package

Who should pick this package:

This package is designed for people who want to benefit from a long-term, ongoing coaching relationship for continued personal development and growth. Breaking undesirable habits and transforming them into new, more beneficial ones takes time. So does refocusing your mindset and changing negative thinking patterns, especially at the beginning. With this package offering 15 sessions spread over a time span of approximately 6 months, you have the added advantage and flexibility to get extra support especially towards the beginning, when breaking these unwanted habits and thinking patterns can be a real challenge. This will help you to stay on track more easily and get all the support you need to achieve long-lasting and sustainable changes, and truly transform your life.

What results can I expect:

With the added comfort of 2 extra sessions (which most people schedule towards the beginning), and the 2 hour kick-off session, you can expect to create change quickly and find yourself in a better place sooner. You will feel empowered to be the crafter of your own life and be independent through making your own decisions. With the focus set in the right direction, you will already have accomplished some noticeable positive change and can continue to move forward with confidence and determination.

What is included in this package:


  • 2 hour intensive kick-off session

  • 2 additional sessions for extra support when you need it the most

  • A total of 15 sessions (2 hour kick-off session and 14 regular 60 min sessions)

  • 1:1 coaching (in person, via phone, or Skype)

  • Bi-weekly accountability

  • Support via e-mail, messenger, or phone

  • Workbook with practical exercises and tools

  • 6 months of support and continued growth